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Hotel in Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands

Respect and gratitude

Terra lodge is equipped with solar panels and generates its own power, striving to limit its dependency on the national power company’s diesel generators, and lowers its consumption by being fully equipped with LED light bulbs and high performance devices.

In the same way, we chose to recycle our waste water, not to automatically change our household linen on a daily basis, and to raise awareness regarding this issue among our guests, so as to limit as much as possible the use of the local network’s environment impacting desalinised water.

Terra Lodge was built using local resources to the maximum, in terms of materials as well as techniques and know-how: Gates made of recycled metal cans, smoothened cement showers using the traditional Cape Verdean technique, galvanised sheet lamps made in local workshops which usually manufacture funnels and buckets, chairs made of recycled wooden electric coils…

The above results in less importation, more money invested in the local economy, and a place with a definite Cape Verdean character.
With the same idea in mind, we use locally made soap in our bathrooms and local products for breakfast.

Finally, the architecture of our rooms subtly blends in the landscape, using the codes of local urbanisation, while respecting and highlighting the colonial architecture of the old house it encloses.