Discover Terra Lodge
Hotel in Mindelo, São Vicente, Cape Verde Islands

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A stunning view of the Mindelo Bay and the colourful houses covering the surrounding hills. A quiet garden where bananas, dates, soursops and coco nuts grow and chirpy sparrows nose about. A swimming pool for a few strokes or a hammock to relax in while enjoying the sun setting on the ocean…

You are at Terra Lodge, overlooking the small historical centre of Mindelo, home town of singer Cesaria Evora, major hotspot for carnival and Cape Verdean culture, sheltered harbour for transatlantic travellers where one can take a ferry to go and explore the neighbouring mountainous island of Santo Antao.

With their genuinely contemporary and ecological architecture, our 12 rooms seem to be responding to the colonial style of the old house they are surrounding, therefore combining contemporary comfort with the character and appeal of historic heritage.